Taxation of entrepreneurs and investors


Improving your profitability by anticipating and understanding the tax regime of your business operations’ financial flows.

Areas of expertise

  • Tax audits, tax litigation
  • Assets and wealth management: transmission of businesses, investments, family office, real estate
  • International mobility : 
    — impatriation and expatriation, organization of remuneration, assistance with tax obligations related to departure from France or return to France, tax returns
    — succession and donation in an international context
  • Implementation of employee shareholding tools: BSPCE, free shares, stock options, with or without extra-territorial elements
  • Termination of the employment contract: tax regime of indemnities.


2 Dec 2021

Successions with an international component

Intervention in the context of successions with an international component

2 Dec 2021

Incentive tools

Advice on the implementation of incentive tools for the benefit of managerial employees living in border areas with Switzerland

30 Nov 2021

employees in different countries

Tax treatment of the remuneration of employees seconded or working in different countries

2 Dec 2021

Exit tax returns

5 Dec 2021

US citizens residing in France

Income tax returns of US citizens residing in France

2 Dec 2021

family-owned businesses

Advice for the transfer of family-owned businesses

30 Nov 2021

professional investment

Advice to investors wishing to acquire one or more companies with a view to making a professional investment.