Ranger Rayer Challamel

As a boutique international law firm, Ranger Rayer Challamel advises and represents entrepreneurs, directors and executives, designers, inventors and investors to achieve their business, innovation and growth projects, with the ambition of being their trusted business partner.

RRC Légal - Equipe RRC-legal

With more than 25 years of experience in major international law firms as well as in the legal departments of global 500 companies, we are trusted legal and business advisors. In conducting their businesses, our clients rely on our cross-functional expertise, including for assistance with their commercial and strategic operations, their investments or financings and in the resolution of their disputes, both in France and abroad.

Beyond our technical expertise, we work closely with our clients to share our practical experience from the internal business enterprise perspective in an international environment and provide them with tailor-made, value-creating and secure legal and tax solutions. 

A cross-functional approach 
We adopt a cross-functional approach to our clients’ matters, integrating the governance and personal responsibility issues inherent in any decision-making.  

A network of specialized or foreign legal and financial adv
When required, our significant experience in international transactions (including most members of our team having lived and worked in multiple jurisdictions) allows us to readily call upon our network of specialized or foreign legal and financial advisors to coordinate their intervention in agreement with our clients and thereby meet their needs on a global basis.

Our clients turn to us for specialist advice
and their statements highlight what they
appreciate about our work. These include:

  • reactivity and availability
  • involvement and rigor
  • complementarity 
  • dialogue and listening skills
  • adaptability and pragmatism
  • partners accessibility