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Sandrine Hagenbach

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Sandrine Hagenbach, Partner, advises c-suite executives and their companies on complex tax matters. Thanks to her versatile and transversal approach, her expertise covers executives’ wealth management issues and their companies’ tax management and fiscal organization. 

Sandrine’s mastery of reasoned negotiation is an asset  element in achieving highly effective results in disputes with tax authorities. She favors dispute resolution outside of a litigation framework, unless the legal issues at stake require the intervention of a judge. 


Addressing clients' issues and challenges
I address our clients’ needs to understand the nature of their tax exposures/risks in order for them to have confidence in the sound legal bases of their transactions. The foregoing  requires effective, pragmatic and intelligible advice in reaching the right decisions when personal wealth or business operations are at stake.

In the event of a dispute with the tax authorities, we/I guide our clients towards sound decisions, whether that may be an acceptable compromise, or whether the issue in dispute must be decided by a judge.

My areas of expertise

  • Relations with tax authorities, tax authorities’ audits
  • Wealth taxation and structuring, management packages, employee shareholding plans in an international context, mobility of employees and individuals
  • Support for growth: structuring groups for growth implementation 
  • Assistance during disposal: audit and structuring
  • Taxation in the energy industry
  • Taxation in the non-profit sector
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (trained and qualified in collaborative legal practice, mediator and consultant in crisis management communication)

Associations, Working Groups and Teaching Activities

  • Member of the IACF  (Institute of Tax Advisory Lawyers)
  • Member of the EMA (European Mediators Association)



  • Institute for Mediation and Negotiation (IFOMENE) - University Diploma and certified crisis communication consultant
  • DESS in European Union Company Law - University of Paris XI
  • Diploma in Business Administration - ESSEC
  • In the process of being certified as a coach (IFOD, 2021)


In nutshell

making complexity intelligible by unraveling complex structures.
Available and energetic: proposing effective solutions in fast-paced mode.

Preventing and managing conflict:
using mediation when required.

Client-centered approach:
proposing a range of solutions tailored to the expressed need of the client, presented in a clear, synthetic and intelligible way. My ongoing certification as a coach has led me to take full measure of that approach, which puts the client at the center of the relationship, thereby creating the conditions for trust.

My uniqueness

High level sportswoman:
equestrian with 20 years of racing experience, currently a long-distance triathlete having competed in the 2019 World Championships, and winner of the 2021 French national long distance duathlon title.

I love challenges, opportunities and results.

Trained in visual thinking:
Comfortable with complexity, I emphasize making such complexity intelligible to clients and business partners (lawyer, CPA, CGP...).

Areas of expertise

My goals are to help you save time and to reduce your tax liabilities.

Relations with the tax authorities, taxation of senior executives  and companies : I work by your side to secure your business and personal operations and defend your interests against tax authorities through innovative negotiation techniques. My objectives are to help you save time and to reduce your tax liabilities.

Relations with, and audit by, tax authorities.
My mastery of regulatory procedures is at your disposal to enable you to make the right tax strategy decisions, from a tax liability perspective, and to save time. My professional practice as a mediator involves innovative negotiation techniques with tax authorities.

Taxation of assets and wealth: investment, succession, employee investment vehicles.
My expertise enables you to: effectively control your tax exposure; secure your transactions; and increase your business and personal operations’ profitability.

Taxation of companies and groups of SMEs: tax management, growth, disposal, organization, audits.


"She is ultra-competent and I trusted my intuition.”

"With her, it's transparent, natural and honest, she has perspective, listens and finds solutions. She knows how to drive when it is necessary and takes the lead... she is even proactive "

"She is quick and competent, gives very direct answers and engages without beating around the bush"

"Behind the sportswoman, there is a lady with a certain character and who knows how to discuss. A real leader. The right questions and clear recommendations. Always met deadlines. Great confidence." 

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