Taxation of businesses and non-profit organizations


Securing your projects by reducing uncertainty induced by the tax environment.

Areas of expertise

  • Tax audits, tax litigation, mediation
  • Tax review of companies
  • Organization of groups (tax management, restructuring, acquisitions and disposals)
  • Tax issues specific to non-profit organizations - NPO: (conditions of non profitability, sectorization, "donation" rescript, endowment funds, sponsoring and sponsorship)
  • Environmental taxation
  • International aspect: VAT, permanent establishment.


2 Dec 2021

Taxation of NPOs

Advice on structuring the communication operations of an endowment fund and on organizing its relations with profit-making companies in the agri-food sector.

2 Dec 2021

Professional unions

Intervention with professional unions for the organization of their profit and non-profit activities

1 Dec 2021

Acquisition of Booster Academy

Tax review and support to efficiently organize the acquisition / transfer: in 2021, intervention with Marc Adler for the acquisition of BOOSTER ACADEMY (€6M turnover in the training sector), intervention with Menway for the acquisition of PREVIA in February 2021 (€3M turnover in the human resources consulting sector)

29 Nov 2021

Tax management of SME

Tax management of SME groups: financial flows, financing.

30 Nov 2021

Environmental taxation

Assistance to a professional association in its dealings with the Ministry of Finance to reconcile the economic interests of its members with environmental objectives; customs litigation related to environmental taxes.